Mussel in Juice

Mussels (Mytilidae) are perhaps the best known of all shellfish. Mussels make a great bait for a variety of our salt water species. We have them delivered live, and then de-shell them so you do not have to as it can be quite a fiddly job. We then blast freeze them so they are conveinently ready for use.

Mussels are very effective for a wide range of coastal species, espcially flatfish, codling and eels.


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Our mussels are pretty much ready to use. All you need to do is thaw them out and they are ready. Just run the the hook through the the mussel, push part of the mussel meat up the shank of the hook (For larger hooks, use several mussels on the same hook) then push the meat down and away from the hook point so that it is clear of the bait. Use bait elastic to whip it all together and you are ready to cast out.

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