Mega Lamprey

Like our normal lamprey (these are the same species) only BIGGER!

Roughly twice the thickness of normal lamprey, these are not cheap, but they are the cream of the crop with very little wastage, thanks to the size. We recommend using them cut in half or thirds. Like all lamprey these are a tough bait, so you can often catch several fish on the same bait.

A bait that we have only had in very limited quantities in the past, and which have been highly prized by some of our Consultants. We have now secured good stocks and can finally add them to our range.


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Lamprey are normally fished on the bottom or popped-up, on either leger or float tackle. Sections are the perfect size to use as bait, and simply hook the top treble in to one end of the bait and the second treble in the side of the section.

Whole lamprey are best cut into halves for pike, or chunks when fishing for zander and used on a Single Treble Trace.

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