Main Line Braid

Developed specifically for PikePro, these main line braids combine all of the attributes that we feel are essential in a modern pike fishing line. The braid is available in breaking strains that allow hooks to be straightened should the rig become snagged, avoiding the risk of leaving baited traces in the water should you snag up.

  • Highly abrasion resistant and superior knot strength
  • Four carrier round design
  • Naturally sinking, without being overly heavy
  • Dark green low visibility colour
  • Supplied on 200m spools


Q184 – 65LB TEST

Q185 – 45LB TEST


Product details

Product Code

Q184, Q185


Pike Pro

Quantity Per Pack


Sizes Available

45lb, 65lb


PikePro Main Line Braid has been developed specifically to offer the combination of features that we feel are important in a line for predator fishing.

Firstly, the high strength and abrasion resistance means that, in most cases, hooks can be straightened, allowing rigs to be retrieved rather than lost. This is an important safety feature that eliminates the chances of a baited trace being left fishing after snagging up.


We recommend using a four-turn Grinner or Palomar knot with this line. For maximum strength, especially with Grinner knots, try doubling the end of the braid before tying the knot.


When loading braided line onto your reel put the spool of braid in a bowl of water and wind the line on under pressure to ensure that it is well bedded in. Prior to casting out it is recommended to wet any braided line to lubricate it and to help reduce the chances of wind-knots from forming.

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