Mackerel are one of the most effective pike baits around, with a great set of features that make them brilliant baits. With a relatively tough skin, mackerel are easy to hook and stay on cast after cast. They also have an iridescent sheen when really fresh, which makes them stand out well on the bottom.

We source our mackerel from a sustainable fishery that is able to supply us with the perfect sized pike baits. We supply mackerel in three sizes for pike fishing. Mini Mackerel – 6-8 inch. Joey Mackerel – 8+ inch Mackerel Tails.


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M4, M3, MT, BM



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3, 4

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Mini, Joey, Tails


Mackerel are a very versatile bait that can be fished either hard on the bottom, popped-up or under a float. We recommend using a size 6 Twin Treble Trace with Mini Mackerel. A size 4 Twin Treble Trace with Joey Mackerel and a size 6 Twin Treble Trace with Mackerel Tails.

One of our favourite ways of fishing mackerel is on a simple float-leger rig, with the bait made to sink slowly by inserting a small Deadbait Stick into its throat.

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