Leger Stems

Essential for creating resistance-free rigs when fishing weedy or silty venues. Leger Stems ensure that the main line is held clear of any obstructions on the bottom such as, weed, silt or detritus. Fitted with a XL Run Ring for minimum resistance and compatibility with uptraces. Constructed from 100lb wire and 120lb Cross Lock swivels for maximum strength.

  • Essential for fishing over light weed and silt creating a resistance-free rig
  • Compatible with PikePro XL Buffer Beads
  • Short 8cm length is unobtrusive on clear lake beds
  • Extra strong construction

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Q192, Q88, Q95


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Mini, Standard


Designed to be used in conjunction with either out Buffer Beads (Q68), Anti-tangle Booms (Q71) or Legered Bait Uptrace (Q92).

Simply thread the Wire Leger Stem onto your line or uptrace and attach your preferred lead to the coastlock swivel.

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