Marine Nutrition is one of the UK’s premier suppliers of the finest quality frozen feedstuffs to public aquaria and zoos. Delivering the finest quality possible, to meet the nutritional needs of the most demanding marine and freshwater fish. As a result of a tremendous amount of interest in our products from anglers, and after extensive testing, Marine Nutrition have recently launched a concise range of products specifically aimed at the angling market, including the phenomenally successful Frozen Krill. With more products set to follow shortly.

Available exclusively via our sole UK distributor, BaitBox Ltd you can find our products in the freezer cabinets of tackle shops throughout the UK.

Sustainable Supplies

Marine Nutrition is committed to only sourcing from sustainable and responsible fisheries around the Globe where we are satisfied that the highest quality standards are maintained. All of our products are frozen as soon as possible after harvesting and stored in our extensive cold storage facility.

In the UK we have selected BaitBox as our sole distributor because of their high level of service and rapid turnover that ensures all of our products are supplied in the best possible condition.

Sustainable Supplies

Product Range

Marine Nutrition supply a wide range of frozen marine foods that are the natural diet of fish, making them superbly effective baits in both fresh and saltwater. Take Krill for example. These shrimp-like creatures have proven incredibly effective over the last twelve-months for both specimen and match anglers alike, being instantly accepted as natural food.

The Marine Nutrition story does not end there though. With a whole host of exciting new natural baits currently in development, Marine Nutrition products offer a significant advantage for all thinking anglers who are looking for the ultimate in quality bait.

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