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ad are perhaps the cinderella of deadbaits. We know anglers who have had some great catches on them, but they tend to be over-shadowed by other baits, like makerel and herring, which is a shame because they have a lot going for them.


Quite herring-like in shape, scad have a tough skin that means they tend to hold up will to repeated casting. Scad have a silvery-sheen, but are a little less bright than herring. 


Scad are also slightly more thick-set than herring, so they are quite a heavy bait, that cast really well, we use them a lot on float rigs as they stand up to being moved around and twitched back very well. 


Our scad are carefully selected and measure between 7&rdquo-8&rdquo, making them ideal to use whole, or as half-baits for pike fishing. If you haven&rsquot tried them before, and are looking for an alternative to your normal baits then we recommend you give them a try. 

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Quite a large bait, we recommend using whole scad mounted on a Pike Pro size 4 twin-treble trace. Mount the upper treble in the tail-root of the fish and the lower treble in the flank. 

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