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Launce have accounted for some fantastic catches of big pike from a number of venues in recent years, and it is on many top pike anglers secret list! Exactly what pike find so attractive about these slim-line fish we don&rsquot know, but if you have yet to try them we urge you to give them a go, you will not be disappointed! Launce are actually a type of sandeel, differentiated by their larger size and greater thickness, making them an ideal big pike bait.



Launce are the food of many sea fish and birds, and have a very subtle smell and light sandy brown colour. Available in a variety of sizes, XL Launce are probably the most aerodynamic of all deadbaits, making them perfect for long-range casting and they are quite touch skinned, meaning they can handle the strain of a long cast. 



If you are interested in targeting big eels then sandeel chunks are a great alternative to more conventional baits. On some venues the specimen eels find them absolutely irresistible! 



Sandeels are very easy to fish and work equally well on either a float paternoster or ledger rig. Because of their relatively small size they are best matched with a Twin treble trace fitted with size 8 hooks. 

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Launce are very easy to fish and work equally well on either a float paternoster or ledger rig. XL Launce are quite a large bait and are normally fished as a half bait. We recomend using them with a Pike Pro Twin Treble size 4 or 6 trace. Adding a bait popper to make the bait stand up off the lake bed is another tactic that will bring more pike when fishing with launce. 

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