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&lsquoSnake&rsquo baits are some of the most popular and effective big pike baits available and this fantastic combo pack gives you one each of the excellent bluey, eel, lamprey and snake launce baits. Now there is no need to compromise on bait choice, pick up one pack and away you go! 



Choose between the super-oily bluey, natural eel section, bloody attraction of lamprey and the awesome snake launce!



A great way to take a wide selection of different baits with you for those days when you need to ring the changes and try a selection of different baits. 



Because all four baits are of a similar shape there is no need to change rigs, just change the bait and away you go! 

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Snake baits are normally fished static on the lake or river bed on either a ledger or float rig. Because all of these baits are of similar size we recommend using them with a Pike Pro Twin Treble size 6 trace for best results. Baits can also be popped-up using Pike Pro bait poppers with excellent results! 

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