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Frozen Krill In Tackle Shops Now!

Frozen Krill In Tackle Shops Now!

Krill has certainly become one of the most popular bait additives over the last two years, with numerous companies offering both liquid and powdered extracts of this incredible bait additive. Until now though whole frozen krill has not been readily available, yet this fantastic bait has through extensive trials proven to be a very effective bait in its own right. 

Marine Nutrition are an established company who supply Public Aquaria and Zoo&rsquos all over Europe. Until now they have not supplied the angling trade, but through an exclusive distribution agreement with frozen bait specialists Bait Box some of their products will now be available from tackle shops.  

So what are krill? Similar to shrimps, krill are small crustaceans that form an important link in the marine food chain. Eaten by everything from small fish to whales, they have a very high nutritional profile and a strong shellfish smell and taste. 


Frozen Krill will be available in two sizes:  

Standard sized krill is ideal as a feed, and can be cupped in neat, or mixed with groundbaits, pastes and spod mixes to give baits an incredible boost and strong shellfish flavour. 

Giant krill can be added to mixes, but because the krill measure more than 2cm in length they are also ideal for use as a hookbait and in tests have caught everything from carp and barbel to perch and gudgeon. Ideally used either singly or as a double bait on a size 12-14 hook.  

Standard Krill is available in 800 gram blocks priced at £6.99. 

Giant Krill is available in 400 gram blocks priced at £4.99.


Look out for them in the freezer cabinet of your local tackle shop. 

11/08/2012 09:52:00

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