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SHRINK TUBE 6mm to 2mm

SHRINK TUBE 6mm to 2mm

Use PikePro Shrink Tube to create a neat tangle-resistant cover over swivels, crimps and treble hooks, neatening up traces for that professional look. 

This superior grade 3 to 1 shrink tube is extra stiff when shrunk, creating a boom efect. Low shrink point means it can be easily activated by heating from the steam from a kettle avoiding damage to the trace wire.

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Cut off the required length of shrink tube - remembering that when shrunk the length of the tube will reduce slightly. 

Position over swivels, hooks or crimps and hold in position with forceps - always keep your fingers away from steam to avoid burns! 

Steam the shrink tubing for a few seconds until it has fully activated and then allow to air cool. 

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