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Soft baits such as sardines and blueys can be a nightmare to cast any distance once the baits have defrosted. Anglers have come up with many ingenious ways of solving this problem, but the PikePro Deadbait Retainer eliminates the problem for good! 

The hard T-peg is simply pushed through the bait and then a short piece of silicone tubing is pushed over the peg to cover the point and shaft. Now simple push the barbed point of your treble hook through one of the holes in the shaft of the retainer and the bait will be held in place.

Can also be used with the PikePro Bait Poppers to create simple popped-up baits and kebab rigs.












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Push the pointed end of the Retainer through the body or tail root of the bait and then slide the silicone tube over the end of the shaft. Hook the barbed point of your treble through the silicone tubing and one of the holes in the shaft of the retainer to hold the bait in place.

PLEASE NOTE - Because the Retainer is semi-permanently fixed to your hook there is no danger of the Retainer being lost if the bait comes free during the fight or on the retrieve. 

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