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High in protein and oil, salmon are a great bait that have accounted for a lot of pike in the last few seasons. Although not commonly used, we think that pike instinctively know from the smell they release into the water that they are a great food source, even in venues that do not have a run of salmon. 


Salmon are also a tough skinned bait, making them ideal for tactics that are hard on baits, such as sink and draw, trotting in rivers and trolling. 



Salmon are naturally quite buoyant and so are ideal for fishing on pop-up rigs. 


We have also had some excellent reports of big catches of catfish falling for salmon in recent seasons and this bait would now rate amongst our top choices when targeting cats. 

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Although you can use salmon on all of the standard pike set-ups, one particularly effective approach is to fish them under a float and continually twitch and slowly retrieve the bait. Being quite buoyant the salmon will flutter enticingly and this often bring bites on days when the pike are not feeding confidently.

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