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SKIMMER BREAM Zander Pack 3-5

SKIMMER BREAM Zander Pack 3-5

Skimmer bream make a great alternative to roach for the angler looking for a freshwater deadbait. Bream are often a large percentage of the diet of pike and zander in many venues, particularly natural rivers and stillwaters and bream rich fisheries have a history of producing very big pike! 


Being deeper bodied and slimmer than roach, skimmers behave differently in the water. Although their shape can make them more difficult to cast, skimmers will lay on top of light bottom weed and debris. They are also ideal for trolling and fishing in flowing water on a float paternoster as they will swing from side to side very effectively. 


Skimmer bream also make a great alternative bait on venues that have been heavily fished with more common baits. 

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Although quite a large bait, skimmer bream are ideally suited to both float fishing and ledgering. Use with a Pike Pro single -treble trace with size 8 hooks. Hook the treble in the tail root or through the mouth of the bait when ledgering and through the root of the dorsal fin when float fishing. 

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