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BAIT POPPERS, Large 22mm (Pack 8)

BAIT POPPERS, Large 22mm (Pack 8)

Super-buoyant foam balls designed for permanently popping-up deadbaits off the lake bed, making them more visible to passing pike and increasing your catch rate! 

Bright red colour also acts as a great pike attractor. 

Available in two sizes, for small to medium sized baits. When using large baits two poppers can be combined. 

Great value for money! 

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The Correct Category


Sizes Available:
18mm, 22mm

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Product Usage:

For best results attach Bait Poppers to a short length of trace wire approximately 6cm long. Crimp a small loop to the end of the length of trace and using a baiting needle pass the wire through the body of the bait so that the popper is in front of the head and the wire loop exits near the fish&rsquos vent. Next thread your wire trace through the loop and attach your hooks to the bait.

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