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Success for Clint

Success for Clint

Clint Walker continued his run of recent fish from a Staffs stillwater. Here he recounts the interesting lead-up to the capture.


"Another one from my favourite Staffordshire venue, this one picked up a Baitbox roach offered in slightly deeper water in the bottom of an old river bed which runs up the reservoir. It was the only fish on a gloriously sunny day, and barely moved the drop off indicators. A single, sharp bleep alerted me to a stationary indicator, but as I watched, I saw the rod tip quiver, so released the drop off, and waited until the line spilled slowly off the spool. After two revolutions, I picked up the rod and wound down before striking, and quickly played the fish to the net. It was barely hooked, the bottom treble just in the point of the jaw, and when the tension was released, the trebles fell out in the net!"

13/11/2017 08:28:00

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