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During a recent trip to southern pike mecca Chew Valley Lake, Paul Garner had a frustrating time with several runs either being missed or fish dropping off during the fight. Having seen this before, and putting it down to the pressure that the pike are put under during the autumn trials, Paul decided to do something about it and carefully balanced his Turbo Smelt hookbaits so that they only just sank, using PikePro Bait Flippers. 

His next run was a typical cagey affair, with the float bobbing up, but the fish refusing to move off with the bait. Fortunately, this time, the pike had taken the bait properly and soon this fine-looking twenty pounder was having her picture taken. 

Whislt we originally developed the Bait Flipper concept for cold-water spring piking, when the fish are more lethargic, there is no doubt that using a slow-sinking deadbait can also be a usevul 'edge' when targetting pressured fish. Why not give it a go yourself the next time you are suffering from dropped runs.

27/10/2017 10:45:00

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