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The annual pilgramage of pike anglers to the legendary Chew Valley Lake is now well underway and reports are coming in of some stunning fish caught on our baits and tackle. 

BaitBox-backed, and venue regular, Paul Garner sent us this report of a recent day afloat at the venue that provided some great sport. 

"The water level at Chew has been very low this year which has certainly had an influence on the behaviour of the pike and meant that they have often not been in their usual Autumn haunts. On this day we had a decision to make early on as although we were catching fish they were generally jacks and low-doubles. This left us in a quandry, should we move off fish in the belief that the bigger fish were elsewhere, or stick with it and hope that something bigger would turn up?"

"i get ictchy feet really quickly, so the decision was a simple one and so we moved a few hundred metres and a little deeper. A run almost straight away resulted in an upper double, followed minutes later by a twenty-one pounder. Both runs had come to the same rod fished on one side of the boat, so we quickly up-anchored and moved just 87 metres (measured on the GPS) to hopefully put us right on the fish. This tactic worked a treat and in the following few hours we had quite a lot of action with another upper-double and twenties of 21lb, 25lb to my boat partner and then finally this long 28-pounder to me."

"All of my fish came to BaitBox Turbo Smelt fished on float-leger rigs, featuring PikePro 40lb seven-strand wire, size 4 semi-barbed trebles, 30gram float weights and Dumpy Slider floats."

19/10/2017 16:05:00

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