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HERRING Jacks 8-9

HERRING Jacks 8-9

The original sea fish deadbait, and still one of the best, herring have a fantastic pedigree for catching big pike and are extremely versatile. We source only the perfect sized herring for pike fishing, making them suitable for a wide range of different applications. 


Herring are a relatively oily fish, similar to sardines, but with a much tougher skin. Herring can also be flavoured and coloured easily using our exclusive bait dyes and oils to create a truly unique bait. 


Herring are available in mini 6&rdquo-7&rdquo, jacks 8&rdquo-9&rdquo and tail sections to suit every situation. 

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Jacks are the ideal size to fish as a whole bait for big pike, or to fish as a half section, still giving a decent sized bait. Ideally used with a PikePro twin treble trace fitted with size 6 hooks and fished either on a ledger or float rig.

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