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EEL Section 6-7

EEL Section 6-7

Eel is one of the most consistently effective of all freshwater fish baits, thanks in no small part to their being a major part of the diet of pike and other predatory fish in many venues up and down the country. Extremely tough, it is not unusual to catch several fish on the same eel bait, making them fantastic value for money.


Being quite dense and streamlined in shape eel sections are ideal for long range fishing with modern pike rigs and can be cast long distances. 


For pike and catfish we recommend using a 6&rdquo-7&rdquo eel section, whilst for zander a smaller bait, approximately 3&rdquo-4&rdquo in length can be more effective. 


Available as whole eels, measuring 11&rdquo-15&rdquo, sections measuring 6&rdquo-7&rdquo or maxi chunks. 

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Eel sections ranging from 6in to 10in in length are very effective for pike and catfish and are normally fished hard on the bottom on either a ledger or float rig. For zander smaller baits of around 4in are often preferred because these predators have much smaller mouths. Eel sections can also be fished popped-up. Care should be taken in placing the hooks because eels are so tough. Lightly nick the hook in the skin to ensure good hook-ups on the strike. 

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