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DEADBAIT PUNCH with foam inserts

DEADBAIT PUNCH with foam inserts

Quite simply, the easiest way to increase the buoyancy of your deadbaits, our Deadbait Punch allows you to neatly insert a length of buoyant foam (supplied) down the throat of any deadbait. 

Ideal for creating both pop-up and critically balanced baits for wary and coldwater pike. 

Extra strong metal tube with large soft-touch handle.

Supplied with five pieces of buoyant foam. Refill packs (Q86) are available. 

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Deadbait punches are designed to be used with unfrozen baits. Attempts to insert the deadbait punch into frozen baits may lead to injury.

Insert the Deadbait punch down the throat of your chosen deadbait and into the stomach cavity of the bait. Insert a length of buoyant foam into the centre of the punch and then push down on the plunger whilst slowly removing the punch. Trim the buoyant foam to length to create the presentation you require.

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