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BULK BAIT POPPERS 25mm (Pack 18)

BULK BAIT POPPERS 25mm (Pack 18)

We have received many enquiries over the years about why we do not sell our Bait Poppers in a bulk pack, so eventually we gave in and here they are! Our super-buoyant red foam poppers, that have a multitude of different uses, from popping up deadbaits and livebaits, to using as small sunk floats, to incorporating in leger stems and booms, an essential for the modern pike angler.

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Bait Poppers have a multitude of different uses, from creating buoyant deadbaits, to keeping livebaits presented above bottom weed. We use them on our wire leger stems to keep the rig above any bottom debris too. They make great small sunk floats, or can be added to trolling rigs to keep them upright. A really useful product with a host of different uses.

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